SCE3106 Bekerja dan Berfikir secara Saintifik (Dr Norliza Kushairi)

This module is prepared to complement the face-to-face teaching of the course unit SCE 3106 Working and Thinking Scientifically for the Primary School Teachers Graduate Programme. It is written as a learning module to guide you in your studies based on the self-managed learning concept. It consists of five topics that explore the following topics:

Topic 1: Primary Science Teaching

Topic 2: Acquiring Manipulative Skills

Topic 3: Basic Science Process Skills

Topic 4: Integrated Science Process Skills

For each topic, you will acquire knowledge and skills as stated in the learning outcomes. This module contains reflective questions, tasks and exercises to assess your mastery of the knowledge. It is hoped that through this module, you will be well informed of issues related to science curriculum and implementation, our science curriculum and the inquiry and discovery approach. Besides studying the materials in this module on your own, you are encouraged to refer to other sources of information for further understanding.